Advertising in Art Monthly

Advertising in this specialist monthly contemporary visual art magazine is the ideal way to attract an informed audience to exhibitions, events and conferences, influence those who make the key decisions in the art world, provide your organisation with an enhanced visibility and recruit art professionals and artists for all opportunities. Art Monthly has expanded its services and now offers advertising opportunities on its website and e-mail newsletter.

Art Monthly has a broad readership made up of artists, collectors, art professionals, students and the general public, all of whom read Art Monthly to keep informed of the current issues, debates and trends in contemporary art.

Three and a half thousand paper copies of Art Monthly are distributed worldwide through museum and gallery bookshops, specialist bookshops and news-stands, and there are 2,000 subscribers which include many university libraries and institutions – all creating a readership of c20,000.

For around the world access online readers can subscribe to Art Monthly’s digital edition through Exact Editions.

Art Monthly’s Reach

  • 3,500 printed magazines
  • 1,650 subscribers to digital edition
  • 20,000 estimated monthly readership
  • 10,000 unique website visitors per month
  • 10,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 4,000 Threads followers
  • 22,000 Facebook followers
  • 26,000 Instagram followers
  • 110,000 Twitter followers
  • 1,000+ Art Monthly Talk Show podcast downloads per month
  • 125,000 monthly listeners to Art Monthly Talk Show broadcaster Resonance FM

Example Spreads

Example magazine spread
Example magazine spread
Example magazine spread

Website Advertising

The Art Monthly website offers a number of opportunities for quality sponsored web links.

The premium ad is larger than button ads and appears at the top of the ad column on every page – only one premium ad is available at any given time.
Link button ads appear on every page in rotating random order – three sizes available.
Calendar banner ads appear on the popular Calendar page – two sizes available.
Highlighted event listings appear on the popular Calendar page.
Gallery map sponsorship is the only ad on the gallery map.

All web ads can be linked by URL to an external website.

Premium ad: 180px square
Link button ads: double: 160px square | standard: 80px high x 160px wide | half: 75px square
Calendar banner ads: double: 120px high x 468px wide | standard: 60px high x 468px wide
Highlighted event listings: Paragraph of text plus hyperlink
Gallery map sponsorship: Hyperlinked name credit

All web ads are static JPEG, PNG or GIF files (no animation). It is recommended that ads made up of only flat-colour and text are exported as PNGs while ads featuring photographic imagery or colour gradients are exported as JPEGs.

Email Newsletter

It is also possible to advertise on Art Monthly’s email newsletter, which is sent to around 10,000 subscribers every month. The newsletter includes the popular Opportunties section, with information about jobs, commissions, residencies, prizes etc.

Art Monthly’s newsletter readers are particularly engaged with its content, with a greater percentage of readers than the art sector average (7.9%) clicking on at least one link – each Art Monthly newsletter generates more than 2,000 link clicks.

In addition to sending the newsletter to its own list of subscribers, Art Monthly also posts links to the current newsletter on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, thereby bringing around 800 additional engaged readers clicking through to read the online version of the newsletter.

Highlighted and expanded listings are available in the Opportunities section for advertising jobs, residencies, commissions etc. In addition, there are two sizes of advert available on the newsletter, each of which can be linked by URL an external website.

Double Height Banner (horizontal): 240px high x 468px wide
Standard Banner (horizontal): 120px high x 468px wide

All newsletter ads are static JPEG, PNG or GIF files (no animation). It is recommended that ads made up of only flat-colour and text are exported as PNGs while ads featuring photographic imagery or colour gradients are exported as JPEGs.

Retina Digital Ads

Art Monthly is able to present digital ads at retina resolution, meaning that ad images will appear sharp on devices with high-resolution screens (such as mobile devices and other modern computers). To take advantage of this increased resolution, please supply digital artwork at double the pixel dimensions of the display dimensions stated above – that is, supply artwork at the following dimensions:

  • Web Premium: 360px square
  • Web Link Double Height Button: 320px square
  • Web Link Standard Button: 160px high x 320px wide
  • Web Link Half Button: 150px square
  • Web Calendar Double Height Banner: 240px high x 936px wide
  • Web Calendar Standard Banner: 120px high x 936px wide
  • Newsletter Double Height Banner: 480px high x 936px wide
  • Newsletter Standard Banner: 120px high x 936px wide

Because retina-ready images have larger file sizes than traditional web images it is imperative that they are saved in the correct format with optimised settings. If you are in any way uncertain about how best to save your artwork, simply produce a high-quality file at the correct retina-ready pixel dimensions then save it as a TIFF file (or a JPEG at maximum 100% quality) and Art Monthly will then optimise the file for you (without any visual loss of quality).

Digital Ad Tracking

Art Monthly does not provide reports detailing ad impressions or click-throughs. If you wish to track such information, please provide your URL with unique tracking identifiers so you can measure click-throughs and/or a URL to your hosted image so that you can measure impressions. Art Monthly will not run third-party ad tracking scripts or embed tracking pixels on its website.

More info on advertising

Please contact Matt Hale or one of his colleagues to discuss options and prices.

Advertising direct line:
T: +44 (0) 20 7240 0389

Advertising Details

Art Monthly is published 10 times a year with two double issues, Dec-Jan and July-August.

Booking deadline: 5th of month preceding publication

ad size

Full page
Trim size: 297x210mm
Full bleed: 303x216mm

ad size

Full page

ad size

Half page


ad size

Half page


ad size

Quarter page


ad size

Quarter page


ad size

Eighth page


ad size

Eighth page


ad size

Twelfth page


Terms and Conditions

  1. The publishers reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertisement which in the opinion of the publishers does not conform to the standards of the publication.
  2. The publishers reserve the right to make an additional charge for advertisements involving difficult composition or major alterations to copy and layout.
  3. All negatives, artwork and other advertisement material etc are held at the owner’s risk.
  4. Requests for specific positions will be met as far as possible but positioning of advertisements is solely at the discretion of the publishers.
  5. Advertisers and their agents warrant that copy, text, display and illustrations will not infringe any common law or statutory copyright, right of privacy or other right of any other person, firm or corporation and will contain no matter that is libellous or otherwise objectionable.
  6. Further, all advertisements are published on the understanding that the advertiser is fully authorised to cause such publications to be made, and agrees to indemnify the publishers from all liability, loss or any expense of any nature arising out of such publication.
  7. The publishers are not liable for delays or loss resulting from conditions beyond the control of the publishers affecting production or delivery in any way.
  8. Cancellations later than two weeks prior to publication of the issue will incur a penalty charge (half the cost of the booked advertisement).
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