Art Monthly 389: September 2015

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The Ends of Post-Internet Art

Richard Grayson

Art and the Anthropocene

Bob Dickinson

The Welfare State

Chris Clarke

Letter from Cape Town

Morgan Quaintance

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Ed Atkins Ribbons 2014


Talkin’ ’bout their g-g-g-generation

Richard Grayson on the ends of post-internet art

If we are already witnessing the end of post-internet art, it is worth analysing why the trend became so popular so quickly among collectors and curators. Could it be that the movement's focus on the lifestyle aspects of digital networks played up to the wealthy and powerful baby-boomer generation's own foundational myths?

'These images are not primarily intended to be screened in a public space with the Prada-hipsters of the international contemporary art world swishing by, but to be "shared" with friends or peer-to-peer communities.'

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Evangelia Basdekis The Silence of the Monkeys 2015


Pleistocene – Holocene – Anthropocene

Bob Dickinson on eco art

As our geological epoch is increasingly defined by the effects that humans are having on the planet, how have artists such as Evangelia Basdekis, Mary Mattingly and Bonnie Ora Sherk offered alternatives to our apparently doomed ecological trajectory?

'The recent films and installations by Ursula Biemann examine in detail the extent to which governments and corporations are exploiting the environment and the way human lives have to adapt as a result.'




Dissatisfaction with unchecked capitalism has left much of the population looking for an alternative – and now, despite the establishment's best efforts, such alternatives are gaining momentum.

'Far from being apathetic, younger voters have hitherto been refusing to engage with the political system because it does not represent them. Now they are flocking to Corbyn's cause not because they are naive but because he offers a real alternative.'

Disgruntled from Tunbridge Wells

While the Tory top brass are demonising the migrants at Calais, other people are working – through social media – to help raise awareness of the issues and to support those most in need. Is this a tipping point to which grassroots campaigns can make the difference?

'People-powered websites like 38 Degrees and JustGiving, and those who pour their time, money and expertise into their campaigns, put to shame the fat-cat bankers, hedge funders, property speculators, corporate barons, expatriate "oiligarchs" and all the other potential so-called philanthropists David Cameron courts so assiduously.'


Artist protest group Gulf Labor receives confirmation that a migrant worker has been killed while working on the Louvre Abu Dhabi; Ai Weiwei has his passport returned by China, but getting a UK visa still proves a problem; Tania Bruguera has her Cuban passport returned, but has no intention of fleeing the country; staff at the National Gallery go on indefinite strike against privatisation plans; an exhibition of new commissions that may never be seen by the public opens in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone; the latest news on galleries, events, appointments, prizes and more.

From the Back Catalogue
Art au Lait! Stuart Morgan traces the brief history of Milch, the gallery that planned to reach the parts that other galleries don't reach

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Antti Laitinen Its My Island 2007
'In Search of the Miraculous', Newlyn Art Gallery


The Welfare State

Chris Clarke

The London Open 2015

Martin Herbert


Tim Dixon

Stockwell Depot 1967-79

Martin Holman

Anna Macleod: Water Conversations

Joanne Laws

In Search of the Miraculous

Martin Holman

Stan Douglas: Mise en Scène

Chris Clarke

Not Yet: On the Reinvention of Documentary and the Critique of Modernism

Larne Abse Gogarty

Thomas Hirschhorn: In-Between

Louisa Elderton

Ben Rivers: The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers

Alex Fletcher

Eloise Hawser: Lives on Wire

Christopher Townsend

Hannah Collins

Alice Butler

Reto Pulfer: Gewässerzeiten

Lizzie Lloyd

Carsten Höller

Colin Perry

Lucy Beech: Me and Mine

Cliff Lauson

London Round-up

Keren Goldberg


Letter from Cape Town

An Integrated Future

Morgan Quaintance on segregation in South Africa and beyond

'Cape Town's multicultural past and possible future could, if fostered and supported, be the model for integrated metropolitan living that exposes the archaic segregationist logic enacted by gentrification worldwide.'



Guides to Interpretation

Henry Lydiate on the fraught terrain of freedom of expression

'These five new guides aim to illuminate, explaining that freedom of expression is not an absolute human right; it has always been a qualified right.'



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