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Art Monthly is the UK’s leading magazine of contemporary visual art. Published ten times a year, it keeps you in touch with today’s fast-moving art world through in-depth features, interviews with leading lights, profiles on rising stars and up-to-the-minute coverage of trends from independent critics.

In addition to the extensive reviews section covering exhibitions and books, Art Monthly is the only magazine with regular columns on artists’ books and multiples, Letters From foreign correspondents and legal issues. It is the first with news and views.

If you want to get closer to the ideas behind new art, you need to read Art Monthly.


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While Art Monthly is part funded by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio organisation, the magazine is primarily funded by its advertisers and its readers, in particular its subscribers and patron subscribers.


Founded in 1976 by Peter Townsend and Jack Wendler, Art Monthly is the UK’s oldest, most authoritative and challenging contemporary art magazine whose editorial policy has remained fundamentally unchanged from that outlined in the first editorial: ‘to provide informed coverage on contemporary art and the issues that surround it’. (For a fuller history of the magazine, see ‘Art Monthly 1976-’.)

The first issue of Art Monthly carried an obituary for Marcel Broodthaers designed by Richard Hamilton and included an artist’s page by Carl Andre in response to the ‘bricks at the Tate’ controversy at the time.

Art Monthly is dedicated to covering the visual arts in context – in features, interviews, reviews, profiles, reports and polemics, as well as regularly reviewing artists’ books, multiples, video, internet art, books and film. Still controversial, Art Monthly was the first magazine to identify and debate the ‘yBa’ phenomenon – a term coined by Simon Ford in a feature entitled ‘Myth Making’ published back in March 1996 – and continued to track Charles Saatchi’s effect on the market for British art in the feature ‘Sense and Sensation’ by Art Monthly editor Patricia Bickers in November 1997. Issues Art Monthly has tackled more recently include: the proliferation of biennales, the rise of the curator and the crisis in criticism, the influence of relational aesthetics and of the concept of ‘altermodernity’, the corporatisation of art education, the politics of beauty, the relationship between art and politics, the impact of globalisation on art.

Regular Art Monthly columns include the pioneering Artlaw column, written by specialist Henry Lydiate, which guides readers through the intricacies of legal issues. (The Artlaw columns are now available on the Artquest website.) The regular Letter From series covering specific art scenes around the UK and across the world has become one of the most popular sections in the magazine.

Since 1976, the interview has remained a key part of the Art Monthly project, beginning with the modernist pioneer Naum Gabo and reclusive painter Agnes Martin, and including several artists who have since become widely known: Tacita Dean, Damien Hirst, Steve McQueen, Mike Nelson, Mark Wallinger, Gillian Wearing and others. A first volume of interviews has been published, Talking Art: Interviews with Artists since 1976, and a second is planned. Art Monthly is also launching its 4th series of live Talking Art events in collaboration with Tate Modern. Previous interviews from the series with, for example, John Baldessari, Glenn Ligon, Cornelia Parker, Pipilotti Rist, Martha Rosler or Lawrence Weiner can be accessed in the Events section.

Many now established artists received their first serious review, or their first in a British publication, in the pages of Art Monthly, among them Thomas Demand, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Shirin Neshat, Cornelia Parker and Rachel Whiteread, while artists profiled at formative moments early in their careers include: Fiona Banner, Martin Creed, Ceal Floyer, Susan Philipsz, Sam Taylor-Wood and Gillian Wearing.

Few other art magazines can equal the range of brilliant writers who have contributed to Art Monthly and continue to make it one of the most vital forums for gaining a truly critical insight into the many worlds of contemporary art. Among the hundreds of artists, curators, critics and art historians who have written for Art Monthly are Dawn Ades, Michael Archer, Dave Beech, Iwona Blazwick, Eddie Chambers, JJ Charlesworth, Lynne Cooke, Alex Farquharson, Margaret Garlake, Liam Gillick, Teresa Gleadowe, Charles Harrison, Matthew Higgs, Donald Judd, Lisa LeFeuvre, Sally O’Reilly, Genesis P-Orridge, Mark Prince, Irving Sandler, Julian Stallabrass, Andrew Wilson and Sarah Wilson. (For a full list of contributors see below.)

In recent years Art Monthly has branched out, launching the Art Monthly Roadshow, taking the debate directly to our audiences, and now has its own regular radio Talk Show on Resonance FM. Art Monthly can also now be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Art Monthly website, which was first launched in the 1990s, has recently been updated to offer new features such as the London Gallery Map and UK Gallery Map as well as archives of events and back issues.


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Writing Submissions

Art Monthly welcomes contact from new writers – please send samples of relevant writing to the general email address. While every submission is given attention, it may take several weeks to reply and we cannot guarantee a response to all correspondence.


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