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Art Monthly 374

How to Improve your Algorithm

Chris Fite-Wassilak on reclaiming the digital landscape

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Art Monthly 214

Brits in the Bronx

Has black art from Britain been quarantined in New York asks Eddie Chambers

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Art Monthly 380

Public Art Attack

Andrew Hunt on the importance of antagonism in public art

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Art Monthly 153

Figure-clé: Broodthaers*

Mark Thomson on the Belgian poet-turned-artist

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Art Monthly 315

Include me out!

Dave Beech on participation in art

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Art Monthly 350

On Translation

Mark Prince analyses the language of objects

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Art Monthly 399


Amna Malik on viewing the past through the eyes of the present

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Art Monthly 323

Recovering Radicalism

Dave Beech on critical art after Postmodernism

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Art Monthly 124

Raising Hell and Telling Stories

John Berger talks to Janine Burke

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Art Monthly 235

Babe Power

Bad girls or babes – Barbara Pollack on postfeminist art

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Art Monthly 365

Life and Death

Paul O’Kane on art and being

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Art Monthly 154

Expresso Punko

Following the orgy of 1960s nostalgia, Andrew Wilson reviews the inevitable revival of interest in 1970s Punk signalled by a clutch of new books on the subject

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Art Monthly 213

Art Capital

Simon Ford and Anthony Davies explain the surge to merge culture with the economy

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Art Monthly 392

Moon Child

Mark Leckey interviewed by Jennifer Thatcher

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Art Monthly 363


Morgan Quaintance on the phenomenon of virtual lives

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Art Monthly 386

Cover Stories

John Hilliard interviewed by Patricia Bickers

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Art Monthly 320

Education: a mirror or a lamp?

Gareth Jones on the future of art education

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Art Monthly 389

Art and the Anthropocene

Bob Dickinson on eco art

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Art Monthly 342

Models of Thinking

Alfredo Jaar interviewed by Kathy Battista

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Art Monthly 192

Art and Power

Julian Stallabrass finds that the Cold War still dictates the agenda in the Hayward Gallery’s Council of Europe exhibition

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Art Monthly 332

Product Placement

Christopher Townsend on the link between Modernism and postmodernity in design

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Art Monthly 389

Talkin’ ’bout their g-g-g-generation

Richard Grayson on the ends of post-internet art

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Art Monthly 387

Right Shift

Morgan Quaintance on the end of post-internet art

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Art Monthly 371

I Object

Maria Walsh on art and the new objecthood

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Art Monthly 291

The Co-dependent Curator

Paul O’Neill on the dysfunctional relationship between independent curators and institutions

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Art Monthly 156

Art au Lait!

Stuart Morgan traces the brief history of Milch, the Gallery that planned to reach the parts that other galleries don’t reach

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Art Monthly 367


Women are still woefully under-represented in the art world argues Jennifer Thatcher

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Art Monthly 290

Robert Smithson Now

For all its environmental, theoretical and literary significance Smithson’s work was above all visual insists Joseph Masheck

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Art Monthly 292

The Truth About Photography

Sarah James argues that it is time to re-examine some fundamental issues

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Art Monthly 287

Changing States

Eddie Chambers reviews the first decade of inIVA’s activities

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Art Monthly 175

Just Say No

James Odling-Smee on a proposal to ban corporate sponsorship of the arts

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Art Monthly 314

What’s so funny?

Anna Dezeuze on humour and contemporary art

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Art Monthly 325


Francis Frascina revisits Lament of the Images

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Art Monthly 331

Beyond Public Art

Mark Wilsher proposes redefining public art

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Art Monthly 358

Emily Roysdon: I am a Helicopter, Camera, Queen

Maria Walsh logs on to a live-streamed web-based performance

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Art Monthly 254

Warhol: Working-class Hero?

What if Warhol Cared? asks David Hopkins

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Art Monthly 366

Disrupting Art Education

David Barrett on the future of the art education market

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Art Monthly 370

France on Germany

David Lillington on the row over a French show of German art

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Art Monthly 349


John Douglas Millar on why experimental writing thrives in the art world

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Art Monthly 368

Indifferent Objects

In our obsession with objects what has happened to the subject asks Laura McLean-Ferris

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Art Monthly 246

Wanted: Studio Space

Andrew Wilson asks if artists need to become property developers to keep their studios

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Art Monthly 336

It Was What It Was: Modern Ruins

Gilda Williams on the politics and aesthetics of ruins

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Art Monthly 364

Docu-art Dilemmas

Francis Frascina on schisms, ‘splitting’ and contradictions in documentary art

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Art Monthly 202

Let’s Get Physical

Steve McQueen interviewed by Patricia Bickers

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Art Monthly 359

#Occupy Art

Maja and Reuben Fowkes on the Occupy effect on contemporary art

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Art Monthly 334

Ad Men

Anna Dezeuze on the appropriation of art by advertising

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Art Monthly 327

The Playmaker

Seth Siegelaub interviewed by John Slyce

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Art Monthly 346


Mary Kelly interviewed by Maria Walsh

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Art Monthly 357

The Un-artist

What do artists need to know? asks Michael Corris

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Art Monthly 317

Behind a Theoretical Iron Curtain

According to Sarah James the West’s view of the art of the former Eastern bloc is still too Moscow-centred

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Art Monthly 307

Wall of Silence

Anna Dezeuze on art and the climate of censorship that bedevils relations between the US, Israel and the Palestinians

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Art Monthly 270

Curator and Artist

Alex Farquharson on the new alliance between the performative curator and the relational artist in the postproduction of art

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Art Monthly 343


Andrea Zittel interviewed by Alex Coles

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Art Monthly 340

Watching v Looking

John Douglas Millar on the ethics and aesthetics of docu-art

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Art Monthly 208

The Object of Art

Michael Archer looks beyond the readymade in art

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Art Monthly 313

Art and Theatre

Julian Maynard Smith on Tate Modern’s ‘The World as a Stage’

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Art Monthly 322

Bread and Circuses

Peter Scott on the mayor, the waterfalls and the art of neoliberalism

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Art Monthly 303

Protest Art

Chris Townsend asks if protest art can be effective

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Art Monthly 318

Things v Objects

Rikke Hansen on the public life of things

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Art Monthly 202

The Vision Thing

Andrew Wilson finds that ‘About Vision’ is more about looking

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Art Monthly 202


Mark Durden discusses the matter of painting

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Art Monthly 306

Guilty Pleasures

One way to negotiate the ethical uncertainties of images is to consider how they serve our understanding of the subject, suggests Adam E Mendelsohn

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Art Monthly 298

Here There and Elsewhere

Recent exhibitions of ‘Middle Eastern’ art rely on very old generalisations argues Pryle Behrman

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Art Monthly 196


Video history – who needs it? We do argues Catherine Elwes

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Art Monthly 343

Protest. Occupy. Transform.

Dean Kenning reports from the inside on the wave of art school protests

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Art Monthly 248

Arte Ricca

Alex Coles discovers untold riches in Arte Povera

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Art Monthly 261

Curating New Media

Beryl Graham & Sarah Cook on the challenges of exhibiting massless media

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Art Monthly 266

Live and Kicking

Extremist, self-indulgent and uncool it may be but live art also offers new possibilities for politically engaged art argues Sally O’Reilly

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Art Monthly 297

Modernisms in Store

According to Andy Warhol all department stores will become museums and all museums will become department stores – Jonathan Harris goes shopping

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Art Monthly 295

Documenting Documentary

As documentary retreats from the public to the private sphere Sarah James asks why

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Art Monthly 296

On Criticism

A matter of opinion or what? Sally O'Reilly provides some statistics

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Art Monthly 294

Institutionalisation for All

Dave Beech tackles an old taboo

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Art Monthly 199

Créme Anglaise

Patricia Bickers samples ‘Un siècle de sculpture anglaise’ at the Jeu de Paume

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Art Monthly 257

Meat Joy

All good clean fun asks Anna Dezeuze

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Art Monthly 181

Home is where the Art is

Andrea Zittel profiled by Benjamin Weil

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Art Monthly 210

Movie Wannabes

So you wanna make movies? Michael O’Pray looks at artists as film directors

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Art Monthly 318

Slow Time

Marcus Verhagen discusses globalisation and time

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Art Monthly 293

Not in Our Name

Julian Stallabrass looks at Iraq through the lens of Vietnam

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Art Monthly 253

Art Décor

Alex Coles on art’s romance with design

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Art Monthly 334

On refusing to pretend to do politics in a museum

John Jordan on what happened when Tate programmed a workshop on disobedience

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Art Monthly 194

Close Up

Fiona Banner profiled by David Barrett

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