From the Back Catalogue

Art Monthly 227

The Main Complaint

Psychosexual fixations and neuroses do not respect national or racial boundaries says Eddie Chambers

Art Monthly 432

Fighting Fascism

Sarah Jury argues that art can make a difference

Art Monthly 388

Mother and Child Divided

Jennifer Thatcher on women in the arts

Art Monthly 467

Steve McQueen: Grenfell

Elisabetta Fabrizi experiences film installation as an act of remembrance

Art Monthly 463

Jumana Manna

Emilia Terracciano profiles the Palestinian artist and filmmaker

Art Monthly 382

Unreliable Evidence

Francis Frascina on countering histories

Art Monthly 456

The Look of War

Julian Stallabrass examines political and corporate interests in relation to images of war

Art Monthly 143

Public Art, Private Amenities

Sara Selwood assesses the state of public art whilst some of it sinks into the Mersey

Art Monthly 154

Expresso Punko

Following the orgy of 1960s nostalgia, Andrew Wilson reviews the inevitable revival of interest in 1970s Punk signalled by a clutch of new books on the subject

Art Monthly 366


Dave Beech on the neoliberal agenda behind the cuts in arts education

Art Monthly 313

Eco Art

Dean Kenning on art energy in an age of ecology

Art Monthly 330

Radical Nature: Art & Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969-2009

Colin Perry questions the radical intentions of the Barbican exhibition

Art Monthly 446

Contained: Exhibiting Blackness

Tom Denman argues that Tate used its Lynette Yiadom-Boakye exhibition to suggest that race is no longer an issue

Art Monthly 418

Health v Wealth

In the face of increasing privatisation in the UK Giulia Smith discusses the politics of health

Art Monthly 225

Video After Diderot

According to Dave Beech video projection will be a defining embarrassment for the 1990s like shoulder pads were for the 1980s

Art Monthly 394

Art and the Chthulucene

Jamie Sutcliffe takes a worm’s eye view

Art Monthly 392

Glitch Poetics

Nathan Jones makes new sense from non-sense

Art Monthly 420

On Cripping

Sara Jaspan reports from an artist-led Crip Theory workshop

Art Monthly 336

Encountering Art

Dave Beech critiques Jacques Rancière’s concept of the ‘emancipated spectator’

Art Monthly 333

Art & Activism

Gavin Grindon reports on the crisis in Copenhagen

Art Monthly 373

Art & Gentrification

Larne Abse Gogarty on the uses and abuses of social practice

Art Monthly 445

Letter from Belarus

Uladzimir Hramovich on being swept up in mass political arrests

Art Monthly 445


Sophie J Williamson explores how artists are critically reconnecting to our ‘geological ancestry’

Art Monthly 306

Inverted Racism?

Rasheed Araeen delivers a polemic on the cultural policies of positive discrimination

Art Monthly 422

Deep Time

Rob La Frenais on art that might outlive the human race

Art Monthly 427

Activism as Art

Activism is not an add-on says Tom Snow

Art Monthly 437

Remote Viewing

Morgan Quaintance argues that it is time to rethink how artwork is distributed online

Art Monthly 424

Jared Pappas-Kelley: Solvent Form – Art and Destruction

Michael Hampton explores Jared Pappas-Kelley’s idea that art is revealed through its destruction

Art Monthly 333

Art v the Law

Colin Perry discusses protest art that uses the law as an artistic medium

Art Monthly 432

Expanding the Curriculum

Ranjana Thapalyal calls for interdisciplinary art teaching to decolonise the curriculum

Art Monthly 380

To Boycott or Not to Boycott?

Dave Beech asks the question

Art Monthly 329

Inside Out

Dave Beech on the fall of public art

Art Monthly 360

Eddie Chambers: Things Done Change

Richard Hylton on Eddie Chambers’s challenge to art institutions and their treatment of black British artists

Art Monthly 253

Fascinating Fascism?

Barbara Pollack finds she is still not ready to forgive and forget for art’s sake

Art Monthly 301

America Rising

So much expected so little delivered – Michael Corris on post 9/11 art from the USA

Art Monthly 410

Black Art UK/US

Richard Hylton discusses the rise in thematic shows of black artists

Art Monthly 307

Wall of Silence

Anna Dezeuze on art and the climate of censorship that bedevils relations between the US, Israel and the Palestinians

Art Monthly 352

TV Makeover

Colin Perry on the vexed relationship between art and TV

Art Monthly 415

An Alternative History of Art

Eddie Chambers argues that this BBC Radio 4 series continues the UK’s marginalisation of major 20th-century African-American artists

Art Monthly 261

Net and Not Net

Beryl Graham & Sarah Cook explore the debates around curating new media art

Art Monthly 329


Sally O’Reilly flicks through every issue of General Idea’s FILE magazine from 1972 to 1989

Art Monthly 224

The Killing Machine

Barbara Pollack traces the legacies of David Wojnarowicz in New York today

Art Monthly 416


Francis Frascina reconsiders conflicting debates about female pleasure and female violation in cultural representation

Art Monthly 415

Me, Myself and Others

Sonia Boyce interviewed by Isobel Harbison

Art Monthly 331

Seeing the World Askance

John Baldessari interviewed by Simon Patterson

Art Monthly 426

Decolonising the Curriculum

Art history lags behind other disciplines in incorporating art by black and ethnic minorities argues Richard Hylton

Art Monthly 404

Art Education and Mental Health – Mark Fisher Remembered

Ashiya Eastwood on the art-education system’s failure to deal with mental-health issues

Art Monthly 124

Raising Hell and Telling Stories

John Berger talks to Janine Burke

Art Monthly 214

Out of Actions

Robert Ayers looks back at three decades of Performance Art

Art Monthly 343


Andrea Zittel interviewed by Alex Coles

Art Monthly 384

Artists Must Eat

But at what price asks Lizzie Homersham

Art Monthly 405

The Art Right

Larne Abse Gogarty charts the rise of the right in art

Art Monthly 176


Caroline Juler reports on art under fire from Belgrade and Sarajevo

Art Monthly 304

Group Practice

Paul O’Neill on the collective alternative to the romantic cliché of the lone artist, curator and critic

Art Monthly 349

The Artist is Present

Marina Abramovic interviewed by Iwona Blazwick

Art Monthly 369

Art & Oil

Colin Perry on the greasing of the art industry

Art Monthly 328

The Contract

Seth Siegelaub interviewed by John Slyce Part 2

Art Monthly 273

Art, Lies and Performance

Anna Dezeuze reports on what is still a surprisingly little-known art form

Art Monthly 189

The Ends of the Museum

Brandon Taylor muses on the museum of the future

Art Monthly 399

Foreign Bodies

Francis Frascina on Brexit, the body and the workings of the state

Art Monthly 397

Space Wars

Jamie Sutcliffe argues that virtual technologies offer only a fantasy of freedom

Art Monthly 364

Border Control

Marcus Verhagen on the contradictions inherent in globalisation

Art Monthly 414

No Surprises

It is time that the art world put its own house in order, argues Jennifer Thatcher

Art Monthly 256

The Short Century

Barbara Pollack finds at PS1/MoMA a new model of exhibition that reveals Africa’s influence on western modernism

Art Monthly 406

Looping the Loop

Brian Hatton proposes a theory of the loop that predates its popular usage in film and video art theory

Art Monthly 177

Context Kunstlers

Liam Gillick worries about the art of context

Art Monthly 374

How to Improve your Algorithm

Chris Fite-Wassilak on reclaiming the digital landscape

Art Monthly 214

Brits in the Bronx

Has black art from Britain been quarantined in New York asks Eddie Chambers

Art Monthly 380

Public Art Attack

Andrew Hunt on the importance of antagonism in public art

Art Monthly 153

Figure-clé: Broodthaers*

Mark Thomson on the Belgian poet-turned-artist

Art Monthly 315

Include me out!

Dave Beech on participation in art

Art Monthly 350

On Translation

Mark Prince analyses the language of objects

Art Monthly 399


Amna Malik on viewing the past through the eyes of the present

Art Monthly 323

Recovering Radicalism

Dave Beech on critical art after Postmodernism

Art Monthly 235

Babe Power

Bad girls or babes – Barbara Pollack on postfeminist art

Art Monthly 365

Life and Death

Paul O’Kane on art and being

Art Monthly 213

Art Capital

Simon Ford and Anthony Davies explain the surge to merge culture with the economy

Art Monthly 392

Moon Child

Mark Leckey interviewed by Jennifer Thatcher

Art Monthly 363


Morgan Quaintance on the phenomenon of virtual lives

Art Monthly 386

Cover Stories

John Hilliard interviewed by Patricia Bickers

Art Monthly 320

Education: a mirror or a lamp?

Gareth Jones on the future of art education

Art Monthly 389

Art and the Anthropocene

Bob Dickinson on eco art

Art Monthly 342

Models of Thinking

Alfredo Jaar interviewed by Kathy Battista

Art Monthly 192

Art and Power

Julian Stallabrass finds that the Cold War still dictates the agenda in the Hayward Gallery’s Council of Europe exhibition

Art Monthly 332

Product Placement

Christopher Townsend on the link between Modernism and postmodernity in design

Art Monthly 389

Talkin’ ’bout their g-g-g-generation

Richard Grayson on the ends of post-internet art

Art Monthly 387

Right Shift

Morgan Quaintance on the end of post-internet art

Art Monthly 371

I Object

Maria Walsh on art and the new objecthood

Art Monthly 291

The Co-dependent Curator

Paul O’Neill on the dysfunctional relationship between independent curators and institutions

Art Monthly 156

Art au Lait!

Stuart Morgan traces the brief history of Milch, the Gallery that planned to reach the parts that other galleries don’t reach

Art Monthly 367


Women are still woefully under-represented in the art world argues Jennifer Thatcher

Art Monthly 290

Robert Smithson Now

For all its environmental, theoretical and literary significance Smithson’s work was above all visual insists Joseph Masheck

Art Monthly 292

The Truth About Photography

Sarah James argues that it is time to re-examine some fundamental issues

Art Monthly 287

Changing States

Eddie Chambers reviews the first decade of inIVA’s activities

Art Monthly 175

Just Say No

James Odling-Smee on a proposal to ban corporate sponsorship of the arts

Art Monthly 314

What’s so funny?

Anna Dezeuze on humour and contemporary art

Art Monthly 325


Francis Frascina revisits Lament of the Images

Art Monthly 331

Beyond Public Art

Mark Wilsher proposes redefining public art

Art Monthly 358

Emily Roysdon: I am a Helicopter, Camera, Queen

Maria Walsh logs on to a live-streamed web-based performance

Art Monthly 254

Warhol: Working-class Hero?

What if Warhol Cared? asks David Hopkins

Art Monthly 366

Disrupting Art Education

David Barrett on the future of the art education market

Art Monthly 370

France on Germany

David Lillington on the row over a French show of German art

Art Monthly 349


John Douglas Millar on why experimental writing thrives in the art world

Art Monthly 368

Indifferent Objects

In our obsession with objects what has happened to the subject asks Laura McLean-Ferris

Art Monthly 246

Wanted: Studio Space

Andrew Wilson asks if artists need to become property developers to keep their studios

Art Monthly 336

It Was What It Was: Modern Ruins

Gilda Williams on the politics and aesthetics of ruins

Art Monthly 364

Docu-art Dilemmas

Francis Frascina on schisms, ‘splitting’ and contradictions in documentary art

Art Monthly 202

Let’s Get Physical

Steve McQueen interviewed by Patricia Bickers

Art Monthly 359

#Occupy Art

Maja and Reuben Fowkes on the Occupy effect on contemporary art

Art Monthly 334

Ad Men

Anna Dezeuze on the appropriation of art by advertising

Art Monthly 327

The Playmaker

Seth Siegelaub interviewed by John Slyce

Art Monthly 346


Mary Kelly interviewed by Maria Walsh

Art Monthly 357

The Un-artist

What do artists need to know? asks Michael Corris

Art Monthly 317

Behind a Theoretical Iron Curtain

According to Sarah James the West’s view of the art of the former Eastern bloc is still too Moscow-centred

Art Monthly 270

Curator and Artist

Alex Farquharson on the new alliance between the performative curator and the relational artist in the postproduction of art

Art Monthly 340

Watching v Looking

John Douglas Millar on the ethics and aesthetics of docu-art

Art Monthly 208

The Object of Art

Michael Archer looks beyond the readymade in art

Art Monthly 313

Art and Theatre

Julian Maynard Smith on Tate Modern’s ‘The World as a Stage’

Art Monthly 322

Bread and Circuses

Peter Scott on the mayor, the waterfalls and the art of neoliberalism

Art Monthly 303

Protest Art

Chris Townsend asks if protest art can be effective

Art Monthly 318

Things v Objects

Rikke Hansen on the public life of things

Art Monthly 202

The Vision Thing

Andrew Wilson finds that ‘About Vision’ is more about looking

Art Monthly 202


Mark Durden discusses the matter of painting

Art Monthly 306

Guilty Pleasures

One way to negotiate the ethical uncertainties of images is to consider how they serve our understanding of the subject, suggests Adam E Mendelsohn

Art Monthly 298

Here There and Elsewhere

Recent exhibitions of ‘Middle Eastern’ art rely on very old generalisations argues Pryle Behrman

Art Monthly 196


Video history – who needs it? We do argues Catherine Elwes

Art Monthly 343

Protest. Occupy. Transform.

Dean Kenning reports from the inside on the wave of art school protests

Art Monthly 248

Arte Ricca

Alex Coles discovers untold riches in Arte Povera

Art Monthly 261

Curating New Media

Beryl Graham & Sarah Cook on the challenges of exhibiting massless media

Art Monthly 266

Live and Kicking

Extremist, self-indulgent and uncool it may be but live art also offers new possibilities for politically engaged art argues Sally O’Reilly

Art Monthly 297

Modernisms in Store

According to Andy Warhol all department stores will become museums and all museums will become department stores – Jonathan Harris goes shopping

Art Monthly 295

Documenting Documentary

As documentary retreats from the public to the private sphere Sarah James asks why

Art Monthly 296

On Criticism

A matter of opinion or what? Sally O'Reilly provides some statistics

Art Monthly 294

Institutionalisation for All

Dave Beech tackles an old taboo

Art Monthly 199

Créme Anglaise

Patricia Bickers samples ‘Un siècle de sculpture anglaise’ at the Jeu de Paume

Art Monthly 257

Meat Joy

All good clean fun asks Anna Dezeuze

Art Monthly 181

Home is where the Art is

Andrea Zittel profiled by Benjamin Weil

Art Monthly 210

Movie Wannabes

So you wanna make movies? Michael O’Pray looks at artists as film directors

Art Monthly 318

Slow Time

Marcus Verhagen discusses globalisation and time

Art Monthly 293

Not in Our Name

Julian Stallabrass looks at Iraq through the lens of Vietnam

Art Monthly 253

Art Décor

Alex Coles on art’s romance with design

Art Monthly 334

On refusing to pretend to do politics in a museum

John Jordan on what happened when Tate programmed a workshop on disobedience

Art Monthly 194

Close Up

Fiona Banner profiled by David Barrett

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