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Art Monthly 458

Jitish Kallat: Covering Letter • Tangled Hierarchy

Adam Heardman on Jitish Kallat’s installation and curated exhibition confronting colonialism

Art Monthly 457

59th Venice Biennale: The Milk of Dreams

Chris Clarke finds a parallel timeline revealed

Art Monthly 456

Radio Ballads

Maria Walsh encounters socially engaged artworks in an east London council office and a west London royal park.

Art Monthly 455

Every Ocean Hughes: One Big Bag

Lucia Farinati discovers the importance of death doulas

Art Monthly 454

Andrea Fraser: This meeting is being recorded

Olivia Aherne feels the discomfort in Andrea Fraser’s confrontational anti-racism video installation

Art Monthly 453

Learning to Unlearn

Greg Thomas reports on the Ignorant Art School series of exhibitions

Art Monthly 452

Crip Time

Martin Herbert is challenged by MMK Frankfurt’s ambitious exhibition of disability-related art

Art Monthly 451

Letter from Naples

Mark Sladen encounters a chilling new film in a city where edgy art has long been welcome

Art Monthly 450

Trouble In Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus

Martin Herbert stalks through a chilling alternative sci-fi realm that is nevertheless eerily familiar

Art Monthly 449

Tino Sehgal at Blenheim Palace

Adam Heardman witnesses an encounter between relational aesthetics and rarefied pomp

Art Monthly 448

Leah Capaldi: Big Slit

Cherry Smyth finds herself alive in the livefeed

Art Monthly 447

Mental Health and Art

Tim Steer on art projects that reveal the sociopolitical roots of mental-health issues

Art Monthly 446

High Streets for All?

Matthew Noel-Tod on the instrumentalisation of artists by property developers in a time of crisis

Art Monthly 445

Rosa-Johan Uddoh

Chloe Carroll shows that the artist’s background in architecture enables her to interrogate the identarian influence of cultural spaces

Art Monthly 444

Art and Activism in the Age of Systemic Crisis: Aesthetic Resilience

Francis Frascina discovers the limits of this collection of essays focused on art that nurtures change

Art Monthly 443

Dan Hicks: The Brutish Museums

George Vasey on the argument that museums must care for people more than objects

Art Monthly 442

Lottery Lives

Current art-funding schemes, despite their meritocratic veneer, remain incurably unjust. It is time, says Michaële Cutaya, for a radical shake-up.

Art Monthly 441

Park McArthur: Kunsthalle_guests Gaeste.Netz.5456

Mitchell Anderson on embodiment in the US artist’s audio tour of the gallery space

Art Monthly 440

Anti-Anti-Semitism or the ‘Alt-Right’?

Following the controversial special issue of leftist art magazine Texte zur Kunst, Sarah E James asks what happens when anti-anti-Semitism meets the ‘alt-right’

Art Monthly 440

Matt Wolf: Spaceship Earth

Lin Er-Ying on the lessons to be learned from this cautionary tale of Biosphere 2, the spectacular but doomed 1980s ecological experiment

Art Monthly 439

Online Round-up

Lauren Velvick on the variety of approaches, from browser plug-ins to web interruptions, that artists and organisations are using to present art online

Art Monthly 438

Shanzhai Lyric

Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe on the way the New York duo’s work charts the flows of capital that shape our world

Art Monthly 437

Michael Hanna

Maeve Connolly examines the artist‘s interest in time travel, everyday language, patterns and technological utopianism

Art Monthly 437

How to Make Art in a Pandemic?

Khairani Barokka considers ableism in art in the light of the Covid-19 lockdown

Art Monthly 436

Steve McQueen

Adam Hines-Green finds that the Oscar-winning artist is liberated by the limitations of video

Art Monthly 435

Reflections on Education from the Frontlines

Royal College of Art lecturers challenge the business-first approach of British universities and their art departments

Art Monthly 434

Sophie Cundale

Kathryn Lloyd examines the London-based artist’s new work, which takes on Greek mythology, cinema and the world of boxing to address long-term concerns about loss and trauma.

Art Monthly 433

Alex Margo Arden and Caspar Heinemann: The farmyard …

Larne Abse Gogarty finds this exhibition and two-act play to be an antidote to today’s cruel and crass political landscape.

Art Monthly 432

The Found Archive of Hani Jawherieh

Amna Malik explores Void Project’s thoughtful feminisation of contested representations of masculinity through the work of the late Palestinian filmmaker.

Art Monthly 431

Imran Perretta

George Vasey discusses the coercive role of images and hidden racial, social and economic biases of photographic and other technologies, as revealed in the work of the London-based artist.

Art Monthly 430

Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Adrian Jackson: Here For Life

Hettie Judah reviews a collaborative film that follows the lives of Londoners as their city changes around them

Art Monthly 429

Carolyn Lazard

Giulia Smith discusses the Philadelphia-based artist’s political agenda, which centres on changing the institutional treatment of disability rather than merely representing it

Art Monthly 428

Richard Grayson: Possessions_inc.

Jamie Sutcliffe navigates the vortex of superstition and techno-consipiracy in Richard Grayson’s online video series

Art Monthly 427

Letter from Zurich

Aoife Rosenmeyer is peeved by the art market’s framing of older female artists as Cinderellas waiting gratefully to be discovered

Art Monthly 426

Call & Response

Morgan Quaintance takes issue with the political claims made in Stephanie Bailey’s article ‘Athens: Future Past’ and Stephanie Bailey responds

Art Monthly 425

Harry Meadley: But what if we tried?

Tom Emery finds out what happens when a public gallery attempts to exhibit every artwork in its collection at once

Art Monthly 424

Letter from Houston

Astrid Korporaal finds a pioneering spirit full of hope for positive change in a city with a surprisingly rich art heritage

Art Monthly 423

Meiro Koizumi: Battlelands

Amy Luo reviews the Japanese artist’s collaboration with US military veterans

Art Monthly 422

Bow Gamelan Ensemble: Great Noises that Fill the Air

Morgan Quaintance enjoys the artist sound collective as an enthralling reminder of the experimental alternative to cultural conservatism

Art Monthly 421

Letter from Kampala

George Vasey reports on the Ugandan capital’s energetic but under-resourced art scene

Art Monthly 420

Letter from Korea: One Step at a Time

Chris McCormack reports on the Gwangju and Busan biennales at a tentatively hopeful time in Korean politics

Art Monthly 419

Private Museums

Aoife Rosenmeyer on the current boom in private art institutions

Art Monthly 418

Oberhausen: Leaving the Cinema

Adam Pugh uses the 64th Oberhausen International Short Film Festival to show that cinema is essential today, it being one of the few remaining social structures to enable public assembly

Art Monthly 418

Martha Rosler and Hito Steyerl: War Games

Stephanie Schwartz reviews the two-artist show at Switzerland’s Kunstmuseum Basel

Art Monthly 417

Art Investigation

Daniel Neofetou argues that Forensic Architecture’s success in the art world is symptomatic of a broader demotion of art’s capacity for political opposition

Art Monthly 416

Forensic Architecture: Counter Investigations

Maria Walsh reviews the group’s ICA exhibition

Art Monthly 415

School: A Recent History of Self-Organised Art Education

Lauren Houlton reviews Sam Thorne’s survey of independent art schools

Art Monthly 414

Andreas Gursky

Martin Herbert reviews the German photographer’s Hayward Gallery retrospective

Art Monthly 413

Letter from Cairo: The Way Back

Maxa Zoller on Egypt’s post-revolution art scene

Art Monthly 412

Terre Thaemlitz

The Minnesota-born, Kawasaki-based artist, writer, DJ and composer explores gender and systolic systems, and argues against reconciliation

Art Monthly 412

What is Happening?

Laure Genillard asks why won’t more galleries voice the fact that art fairs are rapidly eroding their viability

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