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February 2019


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Ulay There is a Criminal Touch to Art 1976


Not Reckless but Reckful

Ulay Interviewed by Dominic Johnson

The Slovenia-based performance artist, one of the most influential in the field – best known in the UK for his collaborative work with Marina Abramović – discusses car crashes, cancer and criminal pursuits, plus how to endure while continually flipping personas.

No, I’m not an escape artist. I’m not escapist. True, in the Berlin Action, I had to escape, sometimes you have to run to make it. The Berlin Action wasn’t escapist, but I had to try to escape – and with good reason. Otherwise, no, I don’t escape because I don’t have fear.

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From the Back Catalogue
The Artist is Present Marina Abramovic interviewed by Iwona Blazwick

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AA Bronson + General Idea installation view at Maureen Paley 2018


Love AIDS Riots

Chris McCormack on Art, Activism and AIDS

The recent surge of interest in 1980s AIDS activists, such as ACT UP, General Idea and Gran Fury, shows how art can effect real change. Looking back also reveals how narrow current definitions of healthcare are and encourages us to agitate for a more diverse future.

It is the political and ideological dimensions of the AIDS epidemic that separates it from other health crises and concerns. As Simon Watney noted in his 1987 book Policing Desire, ‘the British government’s ban on gay materials coming from the US until late 1986 meant, in effect, that people in the UK were legally prohibited from learning about AIDS during a crucial period’.
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Gucci shop window, Japan, 2016


Roll Over SI

Situationism is Done, Argues Paul Walsh

Recuperated, incorporated and mummified, the Situationist International has been done to death. Instead of continually revisiting Guy Debord’s ephemera, couldn’t we focus on SI-influenced artists and collectives, such as Vincent Meessen and The Institute for Infinitely Small Things, to be inspired by SI’s ambition rather than its archive?

Looking back, we might trace the dawning outline of recuperation to the 1962 split between the so-called artistic and political factions of the SI, heralded by Raoul Vaneigem’s gnostic assertion that ‘the Situationist project could not be the creation of a spectacle of refusal but must entail refusing the spectacle’, a verdict that proves the situationists were more at war with themselves than ‘with the existing culture’ at large.



Another Fine Mess

It was fitting that Parliament debated Theresa May’s doomed Brexit bill the same week that the new Oliver & Hardy biopic Stan & Ollie was released – there are tragicomic parallels between the two. More usefully, however, as artists such as Steve McQueen know, there are still lessons to be learned from century-old cinema.

85% of YouTube viewers ‘liked’ the silent-era classic. Perhaps the silence, the brilliance of the stunt’s execution, and the clarity of black and white, are appealing to a generation that has been subjected to so much party political rhetoric, media speculation and obfuscation.



The Haifa Museum of Art in Israel has caused a riot for showing Jani Leinonen’s 2015 artwork McJesus, and received only disdain from the artist over the issue of Palestinian rights; New York’s Whitney Museum is under pressure after it was revealed that a board member is also an arm’s dealer; Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg is keeping tight-lipped about why it has sacked its director, Ralf Beil, but his proposed exhibition about art in the petrol age may have spooked the museum’s sole sponsor, Volkswagen; the #MeToo movement in India is continuing to trigger art-world resignations, most recently Sotheby’s Gaurav Bhatia and artist Subodh Gupta; new UK research shows just how damaging unpaid work can be to arts interns, even after they have gained paid employment elsewhere; plus the latest news on galleries, appointments, prizes and more.

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Robert Morris 1931-2018

Mark Prince

Carol Rhodes 1959-2018

Martin Holman

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belit sag Sep-Oct, 2015, Cizre 2015


belit sag

George Vasey considers how violence operates in the moving-image work of the Turkey-born and Amsterdam-based artist.

The film Cannibals lays bare how feminist demands for equality and autonomy in economic and social life are currently marketed as personal lifestyle choices that enmesh individual dis-ease in a cycle of reward and punishment.
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Siobhán Hapaska Snake and Apple 2018
on show at John Hansard Gallery


Siobhán Hapaska

David Barrett

Meiro Koizumi: Battlelands

Amy Luo

Cady Noland

Tim Steer

Haroon Mirza: reality is somehow what we expect it to be

David Trigg

David Raymond Conroy: Retail Space

Andrew Hibbard

Amie Siegel: Backstory

Paul Carey-Kent

Ceal Floyer

Duncan Wooldridge

Forms of Address

Tom Emery

Journeys with the Initiated

Catherine Spencer

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Bob Dickinson

Penny Woolcock: Fantastic Cities

Ellen Mara De Wachter

Josephine Pryde: In Case My Mind is Changing

Isobel Harbison



Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival: Christian Marclay

David Briers

This was the first time in 40 years that someone so predominantly active within the visual arts sector had been accorded this leading role.



Ghost-haunted land: Contemporary art and post-Troubles Northern Ireland

Chris Clarke

A useful primer on the Good Friday Agreement and, particularly, the intentional vagueness of its language as a way of appeasing two oppositional camps, sets the tone for a text that proposes Northern Ireland as distinctly unsettled, disjointed and in flux.


Gary Indiana: Vile Days 1985-1988

Dan Ward

As a document reflecting on both the aforementioned period and current art criticism, however, this collection could not be more timely: funny, caustic, irreverent, sentimental, welcoming to the uninitiated yet rigorous all the same.


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Saul Villaas Original and Copy 2018

Letter from Zacatecas

Mixed Blessings

Agnieszka Gratza

‘After the Biennale’, as the symposium was titled, dealt with the aftermath of a biennale – what stays behind once the event is officially over and the infrastructure gone.


Ways of Working


Henry Lydiate

Establishing authenticity of works by deceased artists is an understandable risk. But in recent times fake works purported to be by Kazimir Malevich, Salvador Dali, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Andy Warhol – even Damien Hirst and Banksy – have been fraudulently traded as authentic.




This month's highlights include:

  • LUX Critical Forum CCA Glasgow 6.30pm Mon 4 Feb
  • What it Means to Write About Art roundtable discussion Whitechapel Gallery 7.00pm Thu 7 Feb
  • Ravioli Me Away opera Wysing Arts Centre 5.30pm Sat 9 Feb

The updated events and exhibitions calendar can be viewed online.


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Michael O’Pray Prize 2018

Read the winning entry online now

Bank – Basement – Becker
Adam Hines-Green on the expression of horror through both fiction and reality in the LA video art of Julie Becker

The Michael O’Pray Prize is a Film and Video Umbrella initiative, in partnership with Art Monthly. Supported by University of East London and Arts Council England.


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Curatorial Assistant, Collections

The Royal Academy of Arts, London | 4 Feb
[email protected]

Assistant Curator

Tate Modern, London | 5 Feb

Programme Assistant

The Mosaic Rooms, London | 8 Feb

Relationship Manager, Visual Arts

Arts Council England | 10 Feb

Collection & Exhibitions Manager

The Hepworth Wakefield | 15 Feb

Gallery Assistant

Frith Street Gallery, London | 15 Feb
[email protected]

Three Professorships

Documenta Institute, Kassel, Germany | 20 Feb

Curator, International Art

Tate Modern | 24 Feb

Director of Learning and Collections

The Royal Academy of Arts, London | 24 Feb
[email protected]


The Photographers’ Gallery | 25 Feb

Education Project Manager

Bow Arts, London | 27 Feb


Elysian Residences: Public Art Competition

Elysian is seeking to commission a sculpture to be installed in the grounds of the Landsby, a luxury later living development in Stanmore.
Elysian Residences | 15 Mar


Jerwood/FVU Awards 2020: Hindsight

Two awards of £25,000 and production support from FVU over a 10-month period to make new works for exhibition at Jerwood Arts, London. Open to artists working with moving-image within the first five years of graduating or establishing a practice.
Jerwood Arts and FVU Film and Video Umbrella | 8 Apr 2pm


Woon Foundation Prize

Baltic, Gateshead | 1 Apr

Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize

London | 10 Feb

STARTS Prize 2019

Ars Electronica | 1 Mar

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award

Standpoint, London | 31 Mar

Write for Art Worlds

Art Quest | Rolling


Gildengate House Residencies 2019 - Call for applications

OUTPOST invites applications from members for a residency at Gildengate House. Residency dates: 3 March - 30 March 2019, 12 May - 8 June 2019, 1 - 28 September 2019. Application form is available on website.
OUTPOST, Norwich | 10 Feb



New residency for emerging artists, cultural practitioners, curators and writers whose work addresses the politics of ecology, gender and race.
Arts Catalyst & Otolith Collective, London | 3 Feb


Summer and Autumn residencies

Hospitalfield, Arbroath, Scotland | 4 Feb

Lucy Art Residency

Kavala, Greece | 13 Feb

Open Call: Solo Residencies 2019/20

The Art House Wakefield | 15 Feb

Project Space Residency

Lewisham Art House, London | 17 Feb

ARC Getaways

Stockton Arts Centre | Rolling

Black Artists Development Programme

Slate & HOME, Manchester | Rolling


The Rome Scholarship 2019

The Royal Society of British Artists, London | 31 Jan 2019

London Borough of Culture Fellowship Funding

Waltham Forest, London | 4 Mar

Step Beyond Travel Grants

European Cultural Foundation | Rolling

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grants

Pollock-Krasner Foundation | Rolling


Open Film Selected by Stuart Whipps

OUTPOST invites submissions from members to OUTPOST Open Film selected by Stuart Whipps. For submission details please visit our website.
OUTPOST, Norwich 24 Feb


Call for Entries

Entries are invited for the 15th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 September 2019
Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival | 5 Apr


Open Call for Artist Performance

HOME, Manchester | 2 Dec

Open Call for Artist Film Submissions

HOME, Manchester | 14 Dec

Call for Submissions 2019/20

Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow | 28 Jan

Submissions: Send opportunities to [email protected]


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