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And Others 3: Is Ephemerality Freedom?

In collaboration with Birmac

And Others: The Gendered Politics and Practices of Art Collectives

BIRMAC and Art Monthly, in association with Electra, present a series of four online panel conversations investigating different questions central to collective work. Building on two months of asynchronous collective writing, involving seventeen participants, the panelists below consider how we might write, think, read and practice together through other means.

Convened and moderated by Lina Dzuverovic, Birkbeck, University of London

3: Is Ephemerality Freedom?

Ximena Alarcón-Díaz, Pantelic, Irene Revell, Marina Rosenfeld

This panel questions the relationship between medium and process, taking in improvised and experimental sound practices to ask questions about different attitudes to and experiences of collective work, and whether a certain openness and enthusiasm towards collaboration, and an excitement about the process itself predominates within music and sound practice, as compared to the visual arts.

Online event – free, but booking essential.

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