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Issue 447, June 2021

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Sutapa Biswas, Lumen, 2021



Sutapa Biswas interviewed by Amanprit Sandhu

I had to revisit what I imagined was the mindset of my mother at the time that she left India for England, travelling by herself by sea with five young children; travelling to the country of the very people who had violently colonised India for several hundred years.

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From the Back Catalogue
Expanding the Curriculum
Ranjana Thapalyal calls for interdisciplinary art teaching to decolonise the curriculum
First published 2020 – now free online

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The Art Workers’ Coalition and Guerrilla Art Action Group protest outside MoMA, New York, 8 January, 1970


Art and the Counter-Archive

Francis Frascina proposes alternative ways of compiling and accessing art archives

The archive promises historical and documentary completeness in its secure vault, but inevitably occludes loss, absence and separation. Think of official slavery archives, rendered incomplete for the tragic reasons expressed in Derek Walcott’s 1979 poem ‘The Sea is History’.

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Morehshin Allahyari, Lamassu, from ‘Material Speculation: ISIS’, 2015–16


Morehshin Allahyari

Helen Kaplinsky on the Iranian artist’s use of folklore to restore erased histories while critiquing techno-positivism

While there has been much debate recently concerning the restitution of items seized before living memory, such as the Benin Bronzes, Morehshin Allahyari questions the fate of heritage in the midst of today’s current conflicts.

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Dull and Duller

Education secretary Gavin Williamson has announced a 50% cut to higher education arts funding, expanding his government’s culture war into a war on culture.

If this were not bad enough, the letter goes on to say, ‘we would then potentially seek further reductions in future years’, assuming there is anything left to cut by then.

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Michaële Cutaya proposes that artists stop digging and instead focus on surfaces

I would say that it is sidewards we should be looking rather than downwards; that it is the superficial that needs our urgent attention more than geological strata.

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Lack of Trustee

The government continues its culture war by blocking the reappointment of a museum trustee over his work on decolonisation; the Public Campaign for the Arts organises against the government’s 50% cut to higher-education arts funding; a senior curator at LA MOCA resigns over the leadership’s lack of support for her inclusion work; artists go on hunger strike after their work is criminalised; the FBI’s Art Crime Team returns a British artist’s work stolen by white supremacists; plus the latest on galleries, people, prizes and more.

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Richard Nonas 1936–2021
Martin Holman

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Chooc Ly Tan, On The Offbeat, 2020
‘Syncopes’, Mimosa House


Alice Channer: Megaflora

Chloe Carroll


Tess Charnley

Manfred Pernice: >accrochage<

Mark Prince

Olivia Bax: Off Grid

Martin Holman

Matt Bollinger: Collective Conscious

Hettie Judah

London Round-up

Paul Carey-Kent

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David Curtis: London’s Arts Labs and the 60s Avant-Garde

Colin Perry

Art history comes alive in gossip, name-dropping and slanderous half-memories, and David Curtis’s account is stuffed to the brim with such material.

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Elsa M’bala, performance in the field, 2017, photo by Simone Gilges

Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle: Sound Arts Now

Greg Thomas

While many non-western hubs appear to have been established – in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India – some artists, such as the Cameroonian Elsa M’bala, appear to be working with tenuous infrastructural support.

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Alexandra Moschovi: A Gust of Photo-Philia – Photography in the Art Museum

Chris Clarke

Conceptual and performance art practices which utilised photography as a form of documentation rendered notions of medium-specificity redundant while, conversely, tendencies towards larger-scale, high-definition images imbued other photographs with a sense of aura and awe more readily associated with painting.

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The Decorators, Portal Tables: Connecting Multiscalar Communities, 2021


The Decorators: Portal Tables – Connecting Multiscalar Communities

Ellen Mara De Wachter

The shake-up of rituals occasioned by the pandemic has given artists interested in social relations much to ponder.

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Richard Fung, Sea in the Blood, 2000


10th Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival: Alchemy Live

Matt Turner

In Sea in the Blood, Richard Fung describes his relationship with disease, having lost a sister to thalassemia around the same time that his partner was diagnosed with AIDS.

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John Smith, Covid Messages, 2020

John Smith: Citadel and Covid Messages

Alexandra Hull

John Smith pokes fun at the government’s mishandling of the pandemic while also documenting a significant period in UK history, of lockdowns and tedious press conferences and the Tories’ prioritisation of the health of the economy over the health of the nation, which led to disaster for both.

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Jeamin Cha, Sound Garden, 2019


Mental Health and Art

Tim Steer

Recent contemporary art projects, such as the ICA’s programme ‘THIS WORLD MAKES US SICK’, devised by the bare minimum collective, and the lecture series ‘Don’t Worry I’m Sick and Poor’, have pointed to the relationship between neoliberalism, illness and mental health.

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activists gathered outside MoMA, 30 April 2021


Strike MoMA

Saim Demircan

‘Whether Leon Black stays or goes, a consensus has emerged: beyond any one board member, MoMA itself is the real problem,’ continues Strike MoMA’s argument, which views the museum as a monument to the failings of Modernism.

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On Critical Distance

Matthew Bowman

If the critic speaks through the doorbell camera, then that would be the human condition. Detachment and attachment are each other’s inner lining.

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Martin Kippenberger, Martin, Into the Corner, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself, 1989, estimated at $10-15m, sold for $9.5m


Cautionary Tales

Colin Gleadell

Fractional ownership is something finance people have tried to introduce into the art world in the past, but without much success. Now it is being reported that resales of NFTs are not going too well; in fact, they are going down in value for the poor investors.

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BurntBanksy cunning stunts


Crypto Art Business

Henry Lydiate

Making/minting an NFT of an artist’s original artwork without the artist’s express prior permission or licence, then trading the NFT commercially, might arguably be breaches of the artist’s copyright in the physical/analogue image of the artwork. Furthermore, burning a physical artwork and posting a video of that execution to be viewed thousands of times worldwide might arguably be a breach of the artist’s statutory moral right not to have their work suffer derogatory treatment.

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Art Monthly Calendar

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Morgan Quaintance, Missing Time, 2019
John Hansard Gallery

Selected Digital Resources

Many venues are focusing on digital programming during the Covid-19 pandemic. So instead of the usual list of events, here are links to some of these online artworks and resources.

Becoming Gustav Metzger: Uncovering the Early Years, 1945-59 Online Events Programme

Running from April- September 2021, Ben Uri’s Becoming Gustav Metzger Online Events Programme features contributions by leading art historians, artists & curators.
Ben Uri Research Unit


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London and UK Gallery maps

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Information Assistant

The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh | 3 Jun

Exhibition Hosts

180 Studios, 180 Strand, London | 4 Jun

Workshop Technician

ACAVA, London | 7 Jun

Executive Administrator

HOME, Manchester | 11 Jun

Communications Coordinator

Camden Art Centre, London | 9 Jun

Learning Curator: Community and Course

Camden Art Centre, London | 11 Jun

Head Technician

The Prince’s Foundation, London | 11 Jun

Head of Engagement

HOME, Manchester | 18 Jun

Visitor Services Team Member

Battersea Arts Centre, London | 18 Jun

Duty Manager

Battersea Arts Centre, London | 18 Jun

Marketing Co-ordinator

Primary, Nottingham | 23 Jun


Artsadmin, London | Rolling


Freelands Award 2021

The sixth annual Freelands Award invites proposals from UK visual arts organisations outside of London for a £100,000 award to realise a forthcoming exhibition by a mid-career female artist who may not yet have received the acclaim or public recognition that her work deserves. This award includes a fee of £25,000 for the artist, who should produce significant new work for the show.
Freelands Foundation, London | 31 May


Lumen Prize

The Lumen Prize | 4 June

The Spectrum Art Award

The Spectrum Art Award | 31 Jul


Kenneth Armitage Sculpture Fellowship

Applications are welcomed from early career sculptors who can move their practice to Leeds for 2 years from September 2021. Salary is £29,176 per annum.
Leeds Arts University | 13 Jun


Stanley Picker Fellowships in Design & Fine Art 2021

2 x £16,000 plus access to workshops & resources at Kingston School of Art to support a practice-based, innovative research project.
Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University | 21 Jun, 12 noon


MA Live Art Forms

Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg | 15 Jun

Inverlonan Artists’ Retreats

Inverlonan | Rolling

ARC Getaways

Stockton Arts Centre | Rolling


ACS Studio Prize 2021

Artists‘ Collecting Society, London | 30 June


Zsuzsi Roboz Art Scholarship

Morley College | 18 Jun

The Elephant Trust

The Elephant Trust | 27 Jun

Liberty Open Call

Mayor of London | 30 Jun

RPS Environmental Bursary

The Royal Photographic Society | 30 Jul

Cement Fields: Development Support for Visual Artists

Cement Fields, University of Kent | 1 Oct

Black Artists Grant

Creative Debuts | 30 Nov

The Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries Programme

Jerwood Arts | 1 Mar 2022

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grants

Pollock-Krasner Foundation | Rolling

National Lottery Project Grants

Arts Council England | Rolling


Open Screen

Arebyte | 13 Jun

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2021

Trinity Buoy Wharf | 15 June

Submissions: Send opportunities to opportunities@artmonthly.co.uk

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