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Art Monthly 478

Soumya Sankar Bose: Braiding Dusk and Dawn

Vaishna Surjid is shaken by the artist’s inquiry into his mother’s mysterious three-year disappearance, aged nine, during political crises in West Bengal

Art Monthly 477

Pissed Off

Henry Broome on homelessness, sanitation and public art

Art Monthly 474

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley: THE REBIRTHING ROOM

Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou on a video-game installation that provides a traumatic but transformative experience

Art Monthly 473

Self-Determination: A Global Perspective

Adam Hines-Green discovers connections in a timely exhibition of art from newly independent nations.

Art Monthly 472

Radical Jewishness

Caspar Heinemann argues that curators have downplayed politics in Nicole Eisenman’s Whitechapel Gallery show

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Exhibition Openings

London Emilio Prini Sprovieri opens Thu 18 Jul | PV 18 Jul
London Ksenia Dermenzhi Beers Contemporary opens Thu 18 Jul | PV 18 Jul
Cambridge Paris 1924: Sport, Art and the Body Fitzwilliam Museum opens Fri 19 Jul
London Gabriel Esteban Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix opens Fri 19 Jul | PV 18 Jul
Derby John Whall Quad opens Sat 20 Jul
Sunderland Ian Macdonald Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art opens Sat 20 Jul
London Battle Cat, Adam Hogarth Thames-Side Studios Gallery opens Sat 20 Jul | PV 19 Jul
London Contact (Part 1) New Art Projects opens Sat 20 Jul | PV 20 Jul

Recent Podcasts

Talk Show on Resonance FM

Mark Prince

Hosted by Matt Hale

Mark Prince argues that digitalisation adds another dimension to debates about intention and production in a discussion that covers photography, painting and sculpture and covers artists ranging from Marcel Duchamp and Robert Ryman to Jon Rafman.

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Talk Show on Resonance FM

Tom Hastings, Sam Keogh & Luisa Lorenzo Corna

Hosted by Chris McCormack

Tom Hastings, Sam Keogh and Luisa Lorenzo Corna discuss the attempts to suppress political protest and artists’ voices in the light of the current war in Gaza.

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Talk Show on Resonance FM

Bob Dickinson

Hosted by Matt Hale

Bob Dickinson surveys the rise of authoritarian rule and charts feminist art practices that resist such forces.

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From the Back Catalogue

Art Monthly 425


Jasmina Tumbas on the pull of nostalgia as both a poison and a cure

Art Monthly 227

The Main Complaint

Psychosexual fixations and neuroses do not respect national or racial boundaries says Eddie Chambers

Art Monthly 432

Fighting Fascism

Sarah Jury argues that art can make a difference

Art Monthly 388

Mother and Child Divided

Jennifer Thatcher on women in the arts

Art Monthly 467

Steve McQueen: Grenfell

Elisabetta Fabrizi experiences film installation as an act of remembrance

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Found: The Missing Issue

Art Monthly Missing Issue cover
Issue 16 from May 1978

Issue 15 was dated March 1978

Where is the issue from April 1978?
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Almanac Prize

The Almanac Prize results in a text commissioned by Almanac Projects in collaboration with Art Monthly and the Black Cultural Archives as part of Almanac’s open call Writer in Residence 2022 initiative. Read the winner’s text below.

Rene Matic
Leanne Petersen responds to Rene Matic’s practice in dialogue with Black Cultural Archives’ collection

Michael O’Pray Prize

The Michael O’Pray Prize is a Film and Video Umbrella initiative launched in 2017 in partnership with Art Monthly, supported by University of East London and Arts Council England. The prize seeks new writing on innovation and experimentation in moving-image art. Read the winning texts below.

2023 Winner

Dreaming Rivers
Leena Habiballa considers the physical reworking of a pioneering film’s 16mm print

2023 Commended

Queer Territories/Lesbian Lenses
Aislinn Evans critically examines a lesbian relation to histories of the land and landscape cinema

Excavating the Body
Natasha Thembiso Ruwona explores Ashanti Harris’s Black Gold

2022 Winners

In Defence of the Small Screen
Laura Bivolaru on viewing the moving image while moving

I Am a Photograph
Evelyn Wh-ell examines two French trans icons’ focus on image as surface

2022 Commended

Going on a Bear Hunt
Dan Guthrie tries to imagine the experience of an elusive artwork

Robert Beavers
Siavash Minoukadeh on the power of oblique suggestion in queer cinema

2021 Winner

Out in the Open
Sara Quattrocchi Febles explores how a film can no longer be fixed in time and place when screened outdoors

2021 Commended

Danielle Dean
Rosa Tyhurst on Danielle Dean’s subverting of the vampiric strategies at work in brand marketing

Blank Space
Ronnie Angel Pope enters a cinematic void

2020 Winner

Lutz Mommartz’s Own Private Idyll
Mimi Howard finds that there are oblique ways to engage with tumultuous times

2020 Commended

Alberta Whittle: RESET
Harvey Dimond explores the historical resonances of this slavery-referencing artwork made during a suffocating pandemic

Together, Alone: Watching Sandra Lahire in Lockdown
Rachel Pronger discovers in earlier experimental films a familiar tension between the social being and the individual body

2019 Winners

Image Abrasion
Cassandre Greenberg considers Derek Jarman’s Blue as a celluloid artefact in an age of portable digital media

Patrick Staff: On Venus
Laura Jacobs on hostile environments, both social and natural, in Patrick Staff’s ‘On Venus’ exhibition

2018 Winner

Bank – Basement – Becker
Adam Hines-Green on the expression of horror through both fiction and reality in the LA video art of Julie Becker

2017 Winners

Heat Sensitive?
Lauren Houlton on Richard Mosse’s ‘Incoming’ exhibition

A Long Shot
Dan Ward on artists’ attempts to slow the viewer

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