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Mona Hatoum, The Blues no.5-15.11, 2020/21

Mona Hatoum

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For more about Mona Hatoum, read Viginia Whiles’s 2016 interview with the artist in AM396.

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Art Monthly 452

Crip Time

Martin Herbert is challenged by MMK Frankfurt’s ambitious exhibition of disability-related art

Art Monthly 451

Letter from Naples

Mark Sladen encounters a chilling new film in a city where edgy art has long been welcome

Art Monthly 450

Trouble In Outer Heaven: Portable Ops Plus

Martin Herbert stalks through a chilling alternative sci-fi realm that is nevertheless eerily familiar

Art Monthly 449

Tino Sehgal at Blenheim Palace

Adam Heardman witnesses an encounter between relational aesthetics and rarefied pomp

Art Monthly 448

Leah Capaldi: Big Slit

Cherry Smyth finds herself alive in the livefeed

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Exhibition Openings

London Terrestrial Act III Thames-Side Studios Gallery opens Sat 4 Dec | PV 3 Dec
London Terrestrial Act III Thames-Side Studios Gallery opens Sat 4 Dec | PV 3 Dec
London Adam Barker-Mill Bartha Contemporary opens Sun 5 Dec | PV 4 Dec
London Deborah Segun Beers Contemporary opens Sun 5 Dec | PV 4 Dec
London Isadora Vogt Sundy opens Sun 5 Dec | PV 4 Dec
Kilkenny Grace Weir Butler Gallery opens Tue 7 Dec
London The Dinner Table San Mei opens Wed 8 Dec
Aberystwyth In Between the Folds are Particles Aberystwyth Arts Centre opens Wed 8 Dec
Belfast Alfred Wallis The MAC opens Wed 8 Dec
Belfast Ronnie Hughes The MAC opens Wed 8 Dec

Recent Podcasts

Talk Show on Resonance FM

Larne Abse Gogarty & Benoit Loiseau

Presented by Chris McCormack

Larne Abse Gogarty on the work of artist Adam Farah, whose work was on show at Camden Art Centre, and Benoit Louiseau on Gregg Bordowitz’s AIDS-related exhibition ‘I Wanna Be Well’.

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Talk Show on Resonance FM

Maria Walsh & Chloe Carroll

Presented by Alex Hull

Maria Walsh & Chloe Carroll discuss the remote viewing of moving-image artworks during the pandemic and the work of Irish artist Sam Keogh.

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Talk Show on Resonance FM

Matthew Bowman

Presented by Matt Hale

Matthew Bowman discusses the history of destruction both of and in art, and Jes Fernie’s Archive of Destruction.

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From the Back Catalogue

Art Monthly 422

Deep Time

Rob La Frenais on art that might outlive the human race

Art Monthly 427

Activism as Art

Activism is not an add-on says Tom Snow

Art Monthly 437

Remote Viewing

Morgan Quaintance argues that it is time to rethink how artwork is distributed online

Art Monthly 424

Jared Pappas-Kelley: Solvent Form – Art and Destruction

Michael Hampton explores Jared Pappas-Kelley’s idea that art is revealed through its destruction

Art Monthly 333

Art v the Law

Colin Perry discusses protest art that uses the law as an artistic medium

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Found: The Missing Issue

Art Monthly Missing Issue cover
Issue 16 from May 1978

Issue 15 was dated March 1978

Where is the issue from April 1978?
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Michael O’Pray Prize

The Michael O’Pray Prize is a Film and Video Umbrella initiative launched in 2017 in partnership with Art Monthly, supported by University of East London and Arts Council England. The prize seeks new writing on innovation and experimentation in moving-image art. Read the winning texts below.

2020 Winner

Lutz Mommartz’s Own Private Idyll
Mimi Howard finds that there are oblique ways to engage with tumultuous times

2020 Runners-up

Alberta Whittle: RESET
Harvey Dimond explores the historical resonances of this slavery-referencing artwork made during a suffocating pandemic

Together, Alone: Watching Sandra Lahire in Lockdown
Rachel Pronger discovers in earlier experimental films a familiar tension between the social being and the individual body

2019 Winners

Image Abrasion
Cassandre Greenberg considers Derek Jarman’s Blue as a celluloid artefact in an age of portable digital media

Patrick Staff: On Venus
Laura Jacobs on hostile environments, both social and natural, in Patrick Staff’s ‘On Venus’ exhibition

2018 Winner

Bank – Basement – Becker
Adam Hines-Green on the expression of horror through both fiction and reality in the LA video art of Julie Becker

2017 Winners

Heat Sensitive?
Lauren Houlton on Richard Mosse’s ‘Incoming’ exhibition

A Long Shot
Dan Ward on artists’ attempts to slow the viewer

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