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Issue 453, February 2022

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Howardena Pindell, Separate but Equal Genocide: AIDS, 1991–92


Colour it Black

Howardena Pindell interviewed by Ellen Mara De Wachter

The black community wanted works about the black experience. That was in the 1960s and 1970s. I want the works to be positive experiences. I feel the weight of this beauty. I enjoy using materials that are in a sense taboo in terms of serious art-making. I was criticised for it mainly by white male art critics.

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Tam Joseph, The Spirit of the Carnival, 1982


Centre. Margin. Other.

Morgan Quaintance assesses Tate Britain’s new blockbuster exhibition ‘Life Between Islands’

At best, ‘Life Between Islands’ feels like a missed opportunity. At worst, it is symptomatic of a more serious condition: the systematic defanging and co-option of Caribbean-British culture, and a wider attempt to define and legitimise a narrow, and institutionally unthreatening, conception of black identity.

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From the Back Catalogue
Inverted Racism?
Rasheed Araeen delivers a polemic on the cultural policies of positive discrimination. First published 2007, now free online

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SERAFINE1369, from darkness into darkness, 2021



Tom Hastings enters the London-based dancer’s ‘immersive spaces of potential’

SERAFINE1369’s work presents a nuanced critique of the avant-garde, redrawing attention to the racist violence of existing conditions that underlie sumptuous forms of display.

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The Tipping Point

Analysis of complex systems show that numerous small factors feed into moments of sudden dramatic change, a situation the PM might well be about to experience.

In the UK, all the factors listed in the case of the Baltimore epidemic were in place, in one form or another, especially in terms of unequal access to an overstretched health service, which could be said to have represented the tipping point in the UK’s Covid-19 crisis.

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Diversity of Diversity

The culture secretary outlines her personal priorities for arts diversity; Eric Gill’s sculpture at the BBC is attacked; the Colston Four are exonerated; Ireland begins a universal basic income scheme for artists; Slade School of Art students occupy the building; plus the latest on galleries, people, prizes and more.


Lawrence Weiner 1942–2021
Etel Adnan 1925–2021
Anthony Gross 1968–2022

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Roger Hiorns, ‘The retrospective view of the pathway’, 2017–, ‘Post-Capital’, Mudam, Luxembourg


Post-Capital: Art and the Economics of the Digital Age

Louis Hartnoll

Documents from the Edges of Conflict

Julian Stallabrass

Exhibition as Image

Tim Steer

With a view to a later date, or never

Lizzie Homersham

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Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley: She Keeps Me Damn Alive

Jack Smurthwaite

Jöelle Tuerlinckx: PLAN B – série b

Chris Fite-Wassilak

Nina Chua: Permanent Marker

Pavel Büchler

Terry Atkinson

Peter Suchin

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Caroline Bergvall, Nattsong, 2021


Caroline Bergvall: Nattsong

Lucia Farinati

Nattsong marks the culmination of ‘Sonic Atlas’, a cycle of live works by Bergvall built on research titled Language Stations that centred on landscapes, time zones, trans-locality and writing in context, and the records of voices of migrant poets, transla- tors, academics and activists, to capture the shifting array of languages in the UK and the EU.


Sara Ahmed: Complaint!

Maria Walsh

The idea for the book preceded Ahmed’s resignation as director of the Centre for Feminist Research (CFR) at Goldsmiths in 2016 as a direct result of the obstacles she encountered in her role as an invited supportive academic on a formal complaint mediation process.


Re-Assembling Motherhood(s): on Radical Care and Collective Art as Feminist Practices

Maxa Zoller

Picture this: nine adults and 11 children, ranging from newborns to eight-year-olds, at an art residency in north Germany. The communal art – from performance and photography to prop-making – takes place in the middle of all of this, it happens at the threshold between child- care and art production.

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Simon Fujiwara, Once Upon a Who?, 2021


Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement: A Goodbye Letter, a Love Call, A Wake-Up Song

João Laia

The exhibition dramatically reconfigured the CAC’s building, partitioning each floor into a succession of rooms that isolated the presentation of each artwork, a gesture which productively highlighted digital culture’s paradoxically fragmented and integrated features.

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Renée Akitelek Mboya, A Glossary of Words My Mother Never Taught Me, 2021


Renée Akitelek Mboya: A Glossary of Words My Mother Never Taught Me

Tom Denman

Renée Akitelek Mboya interweaves history and autobiography, the political and the psychic, relating her perspective on Kenya’s recent past with diaristic intimacy.

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Ruth Ewan, How Many Flowers Make the Spring?, 2021


Learning to Unlearn

Greg Thomas

We are transported across historical and contemporary sites of egalitarian creation, from the Hornsey Sit-In to the Womanifesto series of gatherings in Thailand. As these examples might suggest, the exhibition ‘To Be Potential’ is both geographically and historically far-reaching.

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Ragnar Kjartansson, Santa Barbara: A Living Sculpture, 2021


Letter from Moscow

Chris McCormack

The price of being so visible to the Kremlin raises the question of what is culturally permissible in the current political climate, and what protections the institution might feasibly offer the artists it invites.

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Zhang Huan, Ash Life No 6, 2008, estimated at £1,000–1,500, sold for £800


Expanding Horizons

Colin Gleadell

After the sale, a PR was hired to write a press release highlighting the few works that had sold above estimate – estimates that were so low it would have been hard not to exceed them.


Get Minted

Henry Lydiate

The past year has seen many artists report via social media that their original copyright works have been minted by others as NFTs without their having obtained prior permission to do so from the artist-copyright owner.

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Michael O’Pray Prize

New writing on innovation and experimentation in the moving image

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Ousmane Sembène, La Noire de…, 1966

2021 Winner

Out in the Open
Sara Quattrocchi Febles explores how a film can no longer be fixed in time and place when screened outdoors


Danielle Dean
Rosa Tyhurst on Danielle Dean’s subverting of the vampiric strategies at work in brand marketing

Blank Space
Ronnie Angel Pope enters a cinematic void

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Online article

Virtual Studio Visits

Four London-based artists discuss the rise of the online studio visit

Alice Channer, Anne Hardy, Karin Ruggaber and Carey Young reflect on the pandemic-enforced increase in online studio visits and consider the phenomenon within a wider artistic context.

I think the studio visit, and the studio itself is a kind of a fetish, especially for curators and collectors.
– Carey Young

Art Monthly Calendar

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‘Stop Making Sense’
Camden Art Centre

Selected Digital Resources

Many venues are focusing on digital programming during the Covid-19 pandemic. So instead of the usual list of events, here are links to some of these online artworks and resources.

Beacon_Transitions online from 9 July 2020

Responding to the uncertain future of exhibition culture, Beaconsfield invites artists to hold the space between physical and virtual sites in a new series of experimental commissions. With: Shahin Entezami, Andrew Pierre Hart, Monika Oechsler, Simon Tyszko & A.D. Crawforth


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  • Dec: Bob Dickinson discusses art that takes into account the ‘time hell’ brought about by society’s increasing dyschronia.
  • Nov: Larne Abse Gogarty on the work of artist Adam Farah, whose work was on show at Camden Art Centre, and Benoit Louiseau on Gregg Bordowitz’s AIDS-related exhibition ‘I Wanna Be Well’.
  • Oct: Maria Walsh on remote viewing moving-image art and Chloe Carroll on the work of artist Sam Keogh.



Development Officer

The Photographers Gallery, London | 31 Jan

Programme Assistant

Arnolfini, Bristol | 7 Feb


The Photographers Gallery, London | 7 Feb

Chief Curator

Southbank Centre, London | 10 Feb

Art School Coordinator

Afterall, London | 14 Feb

Deputy Development Director

HOME, Manchester | 18 Feb

Studio Assistant

Alva Studios, London | 24 Feb

CEO & Creative Director

Artlink Hull | 28 Feb


Artsadmin, London | Rolling


Visions for Culture in a Sustainable Future

Culture Next | 25 Feb



Somerset House, London | 31 Jan

Hotel Generation

Arebyte, London | 14 Feb

Palazzo Monti Artist Residency

Palazzo Monti, Brescia | Rolling


Studio Bursaries

East London Printmakers | 29 Jan

a-n Bursaries 2022: Time Space Money

a-n | 3 Feb

Visions for Culture in a Sustainable Future

Culture Next | 25 Feb

The Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries Programme

Jerwood Arts | 1 Mar

Black Artists Grant

Creative Debuts | Rolling

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grants

Pollock-Krasner Foundation | Rolling

National Lottery Project Grants

Arts Council England | Rolling

Grant Programme

ARTCRY | Rolling


Brewers Towner International

Towner, Eastbourne | 31 Jan

Public Art Commission

Brighton & Hove City Council | 7 Feb

New Contemporaries

Humber Street Gallery, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull & South London Gallery | 14 Feb


One To One

Artquest | Rolling

Interfaces Monthly

Barbican & The Trampery | Rolling

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