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Art Monthly 430

Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Adrian Jackson: Here For Life

Hettie Judah reviews a collaborative film that follows the lives of Londoners as their city changes around them

Art Monthly 429

Carolyn Lazard

Giulia Smith discusses the Philadelphia-based artist’s political agenda, which centres on changing the institutional treatment of disability rather than merely representing it

Art Monthly 428

Richard Grayson: Possessions_inc.

Jamie Sutcliffe navigates the vortex of superstition and techno-consipiracy in Richard Grayson’s online video series

Art Monthly 427

Letter from Zurich

Aoife Rosenmeyer is peeved by the art market’s framing of older female artists as Cinderellas waiting gratefully to be discovered

Art Monthly 426

Call & Response

Morgan Quaintance takes issue with the political claims made in Stephanie Bailey’s article ‘Athens: Future Past’ and Stephanie Bailey responds

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Exhibition Openings

London Comfort Blast APT Gallery opens Thu 14 Nov
London Peggy Franck Arcade opens Thu 14 Nov
London Guy Ben-Ner Sadie Coles HQ Kingly St opens Thu 14 Nov | PV 13 Nov
London Alfredo Jaar Goodman Gallery opens Thu 14 Nov
Sunderland Marjolaine Ryley Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art opens Fri 15 Nov
London Paula Garcia Stone m2 Gallery opens Fri 15 Nov | PV 14 Nov
London Benjamin Cohen Fold opens Fri 15 Nov | PV 14 Nov
London Jessi Reaves Herald St Museum St opens Fri 15 Nov | PV 14 Nov
London Away, Completely: Denigrate Narrative Projects opens Fri 15 Nov | PV 14 Nov
London Roy Oxlade Alison Jacques Gallery opens Fri 15 Nov | PV 14 Nov

Recent Podcasts

Talk Show on Resonance FM

Virginia Whiles, Sarah Jury & Jack Smurthwaite

Presented by Chris McCormack

Virginia Whiles, Sarah Jury and Jack Smurthwaite discuss the work of Pakistani-born video artist Bani Abidi, the need for safety protocols to protect participants in live art works known as larps (Live Action Role Plays), and Dave Beech’s book ‘Art and Postcapitalism – Aesthetic Labour, Automation and Value Production’.

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Talk Show on Resonance FM

Jonathan P Watts, Louisa Lee & Laura Harris

Presented by Matt Hale

Jonathan P Watts, Louisa Lee and Laura Harris discuss British art 1976–95, BANK, Jef Cornelis’s art documentaries, and pay & conditions in the art world.

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Talk Show on Resonance FM

Giulia Smith, Erika Balsom, Vladimir Seput & Conal McStravick

Presented by Chris McCormack

Giulia Smith, Erika Balsom, Vladimir Seput & Conal McStravick discuss the ‘Civic Duty’ exhibition at Cell Project Space, Lis Rhodes’s exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary, Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen’s exhibition at Peltz Gallery, and queerness and gentrification.

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From the Back Catalogue

Art Monthly 404

Art Education and Mental Health – Mark Fisher Remembered

Ashiya Eastwood on the art-education system’s failure to deal with mental-health issues

Art Monthly 124

Raising Hell and Telling Stories

John Berger talks to Janine Burke

Art Monthly 214

Out of Actions

Robert Ayers looks back at three decades of Performance Art

Art Monthly 343


Andrea Zittel interviewed by Alex Coles

Art Monthly 384

Artists Must Eat

But at what price asks Lizzie Homersham

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Art Monthly Missing Issue cover
Issue 16 from May 1978

Issue 15 was dated March 1978

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Michael O’Pray Prize

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2018 Winner

Adam Hines-Green Bank – Basement – Becker

2017 Winners

Lauren Houlton Heat Sensitive?

Dan Ward A Long Shot

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Virginia Whiles, Jack Smurthwaite and Sarah Jury Jonathan P Watts, Louisa Lee & Laura Harris Erika Balsom, Giulia Smith, Vladimir Seput & Conal McStravick Jamie Sutcliffe, Kathryn Lloyd and George Vasey Joseph Constable, Daniel Neofetou and Louise Ashcroft Dominic Johnson, Isobel Harbison, Chris McCormack and Andrew Hibbard Lizzie Homersham, Larne Abse Gogarty, Jack Smurthwaite and Morgan Quaintance Alex Fletcher, George Vasey and Maria Walsh
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